Weekly Game Spa Ranking, or Weekly Spa Run, introduces the top 5 most read articles this week from articles published on Game*Spark from Friday, September 1, 2023 to Thursday, September 7, 2023. It’s time. Recommended for those who want to review the week or those who are busy and want to know quickly!

5th place – “Armored Core 6” Overseas, people are excited to show
off their AC paints on overseas bulletin board Reddit, and an event is being held to show off their own AC for “Armored Core 6”, and it’s getting more and more exciting. In the “AC Showcase” held on Reddit’s “Armored Core” subreddit, users are posting aircraft with various paint jobs.

Posts include reproductions of the robot-riding hero D.Va from “Overwatch” and Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story” series.

D.Va revamp
byu/toonlonk7 inarmoredcore
Buzz Lightcore
byu/opthomasprimeeee inarmoredcore
Furthermore, many aircraft such as Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon and Kirby of the Stars have been posted.

byu/MemeMags inarmoredcore
Kirby’s Adventure
byu/jinger_ale inarmoredcore

4th place – A mod that makes “Armored Core 6” easier has arrived
“Armored Core 6” has been talked about for its high difficulty level, but a user has appeared who solved this problem with the power of a mod. The “EZ-Core” mod distributed by NexusMods improves performance such as reducing the energy cost of movements such as climb and quick boost, increasing the speed of assault boost, and increasing the total number of bullets and damage of all weapons.

Other improvements include a significant increase in currency earned in arenas and missions, an increase in AP for all parts, and a slightly rearward camera position to widen the FOV to make it easier to see.

3rd Place – “Armored Core 6” Overseas CM released
Bandai Namco of the US has released an overseas CM for “Armored Core 6” on YouTube. The film was released long overdue on August 25th, but in the commercial that was released, Rainn Wilson, who plays Harry Mudd in the Star Trek series, plays the role of a fictitious insurance company called Mechless Mutual. It depicts the working operator.

In this commercial, the wave of insurance consultations that operators are inundated with is explained by saying, “Damages caused by machinery (defined in the video description as a mechanical component with legs or tank legs operated by a legally licensed pilot) are covered by insurance. “It’s outside,” he said, dismissing it completely. “Fire is covered by insurance,” but “Rubicon fire is not covered by insurance.” 2nd place: In “Starfield,” a character appears who aims to

descend directly onto a planet.In
“Starfield,” a character appears who aims to descend directly onto a planet. The method is to fast travel by selecting a drop-off point on the map, and you cannot land directly on the ship.There are some people who are a little disappointed about this, but there is a person who has taken on the challenge of landing directly on the planet. has appeared.

The person who took on this challenge was Alana Pierce, also known as Charalanahzard, who works as a writer at SIE Santa Monica Studio and is also active as a content creator. In his broadcast, he begins an automatic straight course towards Pluto.

I continued on, adjusting my direction from time to time, and after about 7 hours, it started to get quite close. At around 7 hours, 34 minutes, and 41 seconds, I finally reached the 0 meter point… Please see the original article for the ending.

1st place – “Armored Core 6” first-person view mod released
“First Person Camera” is a mod that allows you to enjoy the AC driven by the main character (player) from a third-person perspective in the third-person action game “Armored Core 6”. is. You can change the camera to AC’s head and play from the perspective of watching the world from the cockpit.

In addition, there is a problem where the camera sometimes moves back and you can see the flames of AC and boosters, and if you get too close to a wall or enemy, the view is blocked, and this seems to be impossible to fix at the moment.

The most read article this week was about the first-person mod for Armored Core 6! In addition, it is strictly prohibited to connect online with modified game files, including first-person view mods and difficulty moderation mods that are ranked this time, and there is a risk that your account will be suspended. When using Mods, please enjoy them for personal use only.