August 25, 2023. On this day, 10 years have passed since the last game in the series, and ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON was finally released.

As a sci-fi fan who loves robot games, and even more so, as an avid fan of the Armored Core series, all I can say is this: “Ah, I’m glad I’m alive…”

Well, this is a critical situation for me as a writer whose vocabulary is on the decline due to excitement, but in this article I would like to share my Game*Spark review of “ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON”. Please note that I am playing the PC (Steam) version, so please be aware of this.

My AC History: If I were to review a game from the perspective of a man who once lived in the Nest and lived in the management organization and was also called Lynx, I
would probably have to briefly explain AC6 in the introduction, but Game*Spark has written a total of VI books. I will be posting a review of “AC6”, so I will omit it this time. First of all, I would like to briefly summarize my personal history with AC.

The first time I encountered the “AC” series was when I was in middle school, which I will never forget. Following a friend’s recommendation, “There’s a good robot game out there!”, I tried playing it and hit the jackpot. Since then, I have been immersed in the AC swamp in the order of 3 series → 2 series → first generation → NX series → 4 series → V series.

My favorite is “Armored Core: Last Raven,” followed by the 4th series. By the way, one of the characteristics of the Armored Core series is that multiple works are grouped together into a series, and each series has a different game system.

“AC6” has the impression that it follows the flow of the “V” series, such as the dark setting and overall game speed. However, the impression you get from this work will vary greatly depending on the series you played last, so I would like you to read this while comparing it with your own “AC image”.

However, let me state this clearly. There is no doubt that this is a work that you can fully enjoy even if you start from this work. Therefore, even if you are a new player, I would like you to not be intimidated by the opinions of experienced AC riders and actively try out “Armored Core” from this work and experience its fun. I’d like to start my specific review from here

, keeping the standard elements as they are, and looking at the influences from other works such as the “Elden” and “Soul” series .
First of all, if we take a quick look at this work, as mentioned above, it follows a “V” style approach that is generally more realistic. Visuals with strong shadows in a relatively dark setting, game elements such as subdivided parameters such as bullet resistance / EN resistance / explosion resistance, ricochet, game speed such as the movement speed of your own aircraft, and 4 system The point that it can be called “V-type” is that there is no constant defense by PA.

On the other hand, there are many aspects that seem to be aimed at new players, such as the change in defense attributes from KE/TE/CE to simple ones, changes in scanning elements, and recovery by repairing own AP. I am. In particular, the expressions KE/TE/CE are not all players who have military knowledge such as “APFSDS” or “HEAT-MP”, so it is a safe change.

Also, there seem to be many elements that give a sense of déjà vu, such as the stagger aiming, the surprise attack from undetected, and the behavior with the vertical catapult. Overall, you can clearly feel the team’s determination to utilize their experience from other games they have developed, such as the “ELDEN RING” and “DARK SOULS” series, to create a more interesting work.

Overall, the controls are relatively simple compared to previous games. You can now operate the AC at will without having to do what is called “AC holding”. In particular, I was able to operate it comfortably using the keyboard and mouse, and as someone who knows AC so far, I can’t help but feel a world away. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it has the most complete set of key configuration elements in the series.

However, since the operations have become simpler, you can feel your own growth by making use of applied technology, and because the difficulty is high, trial and error is important, so it has a certain “game of death” element. The key is to be able to enjoy the trial and error of assembling and fighting without getting discouraged even after repeated defeats.

This is noticeable in boss battles, but in this game, the action element of “getting up close and fighting without being afraid of flashy attacks” has become even more important. I have to say that it’s a bit diluted. However, in terms of fun as a game, it can be said to have reached a new level in a sense compared to previous games.

Also, the storytelling in the form of communication during battle and movies is also attractive. Typical examples of this include branching missions due to encrypted communications asking players to change sides during a mission, and responding to enemies pleading for their lives.

Of course, interacting with enemies like this is an element that existed in previous games, but this one has been further refined overall. Particularly in cutscenes and the like, the series of “show, don’t tell, make people understand” is very appealing, and this is a testament to the accumulation of “dark fantasy” works that From Software has cultivated up until now.

Furthermore, the size of the map, the exploration elements, and the ease of movement are worth mentioning. The map content is not large in terms of area associated with high-speed battles like in the 4th series, but has a three-dimensional spread and multiple progression routes that expand the range of play.Also, it is possible to collect hidden parts and discover hidden enemies. It is amazing how the game is able to operate stably while providing exploration elements such as destruction.

It can be said that this technical aspect, especially the outdoor map of “ELDEN RING”, is the result of the accumulation of various know-how.

The most noteworthy point is the effects and other production aspects that have been thoroughly enhanced using the latest technology represented by next-generation machines. The hot air and steam blowing out of the exhaust port, the thruster nozzle that becomes red hot when the boost is activated, and the motion that makes you feel the weight of the AC are the best. The moment when the enemy helicopter evaded our missile with a flare, I couldn’t help but groan and say, “Is this kind of effect possible with AC!”

Anyway, this work, which was revived in the Reiwa era after 10 years, does not feel blank in the slightest, but rather is a game that shines with a dazzling light as if it were “a masterpiece of the AC series”.

Overall review: Recommended not only for “AC” fans but also for beginners who are experiencing this work for the first time
Overall review: 9 points (out of 10)
Good points
– It retains the charm of “Armored Core” (Athens, etc.), but has the same charm as the previously developed works. Actively utilizes experience to incorporate interesting elements
・A lot of “This is it, this, this is it” elements that hit the key points for robot game fans
・The map is large and the movements are light
・A challenging game that requires trial and error

: Overall, it feels less like Armored Core, there is a sense of déjà vu in various elements.
High difficulty with an emphasis on action
. The map is too large to explore, and there are no landmarks. It would be nice if there was a point that would draw attention.The
number of parts is small, and I would like to see more variation within the same category as in past works.This

work, which can be called the new “Armored Core” after about 10 years, is a high-quality game that is typical of From Software. Despite its difficulty, it is a work that captures the hearts of players with its story, production, AC, enemy behavior, and the experience and achievements of a long-established robot game.

It is true that “high difficulty level at the end of the tutorial boss” is a standard feature of From Software works. In the “DARK SOULS” series, there are messages and bloodstains left by other players, and in this game there are hints of communications from the handler, but it is important to be aware of the line of fire due to shielding objects and to determine the appropriate evasive trajectory after determining the enemy’s attack method. The operation of picking up the handle can be difficult for beginners until they get used to it.

However, these techniques are basic but essential in this work, and I personally feel that he is a good boss who thoroughly teaches the basics.

I don’t think it’s necessary to write about the story, production, AC, and enemy behavior in detail again, but when you compare it to previous works, the story is easier to understand and a little more conventional, and although it has a certain amount of character, it’s full of common sense people. The characters…and the production that stirs up the “romantic love of robots”, such as noise, heat, and sparks mixed in with the communication voice depending on the scene, are the unique charms of this work. Although it is generally aimed at everyone, it is a work that is well aware of the characteristics of robot lovers and hits the most important points.

Looking at it as a whole, I get the sense that they wanted to use their experience with other games developed to widen the doors to Armored Core, but on the other hand, it seems like they wanted to widen the doors to Armored Core, but on the other hand, it seems like they wanted to widen the doors to Armored Core, but on the other hand, it seems like they wanted to expand the doors to Armored Core by leveraging their experience with other games they developed. It is natural for fans to feel a little uncomfortable. As a fan of the Ichi series, I would like to take advantage of this success and look forward to the appearance of sequels such as “Armored Core 7” and further evolution.

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