What better way to kick off the Christmas season than with some great Black Friday gaming deals for RAID: Shadow Legends, Mech Arena, and a whole host of other Plarium titles? There’s a reason everyone loves this time of year!

To celebrate, we’ve decided to throw out some of our best exclusive deals to mark our biggest Black Friday gaming sale ever! You better not miss them so you don’t regret it all year.

Black Friday for video games and Cyber ​​Monday for RAID: Shadow Legends

During Black Friday, role-playing games go out of their way to amaze gamers and RAID is no exception. We have a multitude of offers and events planned for the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday period. Here is what it is:

Special offers | Black Friday games

We welcome the Black Friday of video games with a very special pack of online games in our store. There you will find Ancient Shards, a game full of energy and chests full of shiny money.

Take your chance to take your team to the next level, and take advantage of our Black Friday video game offer!

To the delight of seasoned RAID players, we’ll be releasing Fragments from past Fragments events for sale so players can get what they need to acquire the coveted Champions.

Also, we will have a skins sale, so watch out. It’s your chance to make your favorite champions look cooler than ever!

If that’s not enough, we’ll also have an exclusive offer for Cyber ​​Monday. This pack will contain Ancient Shards and what every RAID player treasures: a legendary skill book!

Black Friday Events for RAID Lovers

Once you’ve grabbed all the deals from our Black Friday video game sale, you can show off your purchases during our special events.

On November 22, you will have 10 times the chance of obtaining certain champions from the Ancient Shards and you will be able to participate in the Summon Rush event. This x10 summon chance will be available for Void Shards on November 23 and for Sacred Shards on November 24.

Now is the perfect time to open up your Shards!

From November 24 to December 1, we’ll also have a special Fragment event with a fearsome new champion up for grabs. Finally, we will be launching a new Hero’s Path event.

So stay tuned to the in-game news for more details on this.

Drops on Prime Gaming for RAID

Don’t forget to visit the Prime Gaming homepage at https://gaming.amazon.com/home to get great rewards for RAID: Shadow Legends (if you have the Prime card, well on).

The first drop contains epic champion Kunoichi and is available until December 7.

Simply open the RAID: Shadow Legends page, then select “Get In-Game Content” to receive a personalized promo code that can be entered into RAID or on a special promo code redemption page.

This is the second time Plarium has partnered with Prime Gaming to bring Prime members exclusive content for RAID, with the first occurring in early 2019, shortly after the game launched.

What’s Happening in Mech Arena During Gaming Black Friday?

Our favorite Mech also embodies the spirit of Black Friday with tasty robot game deals .

The main star of Black Friday games is Redeemer. This Mech is available at a super discounted price, and it can transform your team with its game-changing Backtrack ability!

Activate it to bring Redeemer back to where he was moments before.

When at 100% capacity, the Backtrack effect also removes all secondary effects, and can even be activated when Redeemer is stunned by an EMP effect! So you can charge your opponents without fear.

Gaming Black Friday also offers a whopping 60-70% off A-Coins, Credits, Lucky Keys, and Tickets. That’s a discount worthy of a Black Friday!

You’ll find the discounts in the in-game store. Don’t miss your chance to get what you need.

For Cyber ​​Monday, the Mech team is releasing the EM Rifle 16 . This sniper weapon is truly up to the task. With her laser sight and powerful projectiles that can deal double damage, she can help turn the tide of a match.

It is a weapon that you will absolutely want to obtain.

The Black Friday of video games 2022 | Our other titles

There are over 15 other games at Plarium and they all have special offers planned for this event. Here are a few that might interest you:

One of the best solitaire games ,  Undersea Tripeaks Solitaire , celebrates our Black Friday of gaming in the dark depths of the ocean with two amazing packs. They contain everything: coins, additional cards and essential boosters.
When it comes to Cyber ​​Monday, you will discover a special offer that will allow you to earn up to 100% extra coins in all packs!

For those who love dynamic games

Our strategy games such as Stormfall: Age of War, Sparta: War of Empires, and Soldiers Inc. have special offers containing the items most used by gamers at discounted prices. These Black Friday bundles will contain a wide variety of items to help players of all skill levels progress faster. Dive into the Black Friday of video games and get the ones you like the most before they disappear!

Black Friday FAQs

For the curious who want to know more about this holiday, we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the story with Black Friday gaming deals?

Black Friday PC gaming deals have been popping up over the past decade since online shopping became more common. The origins of Black Friday as a business event are, however, highly controversial.

For some, it is a name created by store employees to refer to the madness that descends on the shops during the first big shopping weekend before Christmas.

Others claim that its origin comes from the color of the ink used by accountants to record profits!

How much do video games cost on Black Friday?

Black Friday video game deals really vary from year to year, but you can expect 50% off if you look hard enough!

Our advice: visit several stores and retailers to be sure to benefit from the best Black Friday offers on video games.

Take advantage of Plarium’s Black Friday game deals

It’s over on our side! Dive into our mobile , PC or console games to make the most of our epic Black Friday game deals. Stick around for Cyber ​​Monday and find more great deals.

And most importantly, have fun playing our games!