When Thanksgiving rolls around, households split into two camps. Some become a whirlwind of activity with an overabundance of guests to feed and entertain.

Others stay calm at home and while it gives them a well-deserved break, it can also get a bit boring. Whatever you do on D-Day, keep some entertainment handy.

Take advantage of this day and revel in our list of thanksgiving games! Find all our best games here , or discover our selection of the best Thanksgiving games below.

Madden NFL 2023

This famous representative of American football games is also one of the most memorable Thanksgiving games of 2022. For many, a sports game on Thanksgiving Day is part of the routine.

The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always have a game that day – why not you?

Madden NFL 2023 is the latest game from the famous American football franchise. Released in August, it is available on Xbox, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

For the first time in over 20 years, Madden himself appears on the cover. It offers a series of new modes, including anthology games and additional features, such as free agency tools.

South Park

The animated series South Park has had a few console releases, but this one is one of the goofiest “Happy Thanksgiving” video games to date. When initially released in 1998, the game was only available for the Nintendo 64 system.

You don’t expect it, but this is one of the best first-person shooters .

In the game, a comet lands on Earth releasing a host of enemies, some of whom are rabid turkeys. You have to run around the map throwing snowballs at them.

The game is so Thanksgiving themed that its subtitle is “Turkey Butt”. Other weird weapons include cow throwers and must-have characters Terrance and Philippe.

Overcooked 2

It’s Thanksgiving playtime, so maybe you’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen and you’ve had enough.

Still, if you relish cooking competition and want to take on your family, there’s no better title among co-op games than Overcooked 2, a cooking simulation game .

The premise is that teams of four must prepare dishes in a series of wacky restaurants. You have to chop, cook and do the dishes while trying not to bump into your teammates.

The action builds along with the tension as you traverse moving floors, fire pits and multiple platforms to get your work done.

Overcooked 2 has one of the best cooperative game modes available, making for family fun at the Thanksgiving table games.


For this retro gaming classic , you might have to dig in the attic and dust off your grandparents’ Atari 2600 , or at least head to eBay.

EggoMania is probably the only Thanksgiving game whose main character is an egg-throwing turkey that the player must catch in a hat.

Points accumulate and the player can even earn more by returning the eggs to the turkey at the end of the round. It’s simple, but so much fun, and the speed increases over the laps.

You absolutely have to try EggoMania to add it to your collection of Thanksgiving gams!

Assassin’s Creed III takes us back to Boston and New York in 1770. Like most adventure games , Assassin’s Creed is steeped in semi-true historical narrative and lets you meet luminaries such as George Washington.

The game recently received a remaster, including all downloadable content and the addition of Liberation.

If you’re wondering why this title is on our list of Thanksgiving games, don’t worry: find the hidden Easter eggs and you’ll see how it fits into the celebrations.

Enter a specific house and whistle to see a plump and juicy wild turkey arrive. By entering a cheat code, the turkey puts on a white hood and you can use it to commit assassinations.

Turkey Hunting USA

Playing this game might take a little more work on Thanksgiving, as it’s a classic arcade game from 2000 that was mostly available in bars.

But if you can find it, it will definitely satisfy your craving for Thanksgiving action games . Published by Sammy Studios, this game uses small arms technology much like the famous Big Buck Hunter games.

The principle is simple: you drop the coins, then you take the shotgun from the arcade machine. You then have a time limit during which you must slaughter as many wild turkeys as possible.

It’s a fun game, but being able to shoot only one animal doesn’t allow for repeat play unlike many of its contemporaries.

Thanksgiving Games FAQ ǀ Which Thanksgiving games to play?

It all depends on what kind of Thanksgiving games your family prefers, but the popular games could be on consoles like the Nintendo Switch, while some of the bigger offline options include Thanksgiving Bingo or a scavenger hunt.

How to play Shake Your Tail Feather game?

Shaking its tail feather is one of the easiest and most fun Thanksgiving games. The whole family can participate, from grandchildren to grandparents.

This involves tying a box filled with feathers around the waist, at the level of the lower back. Competitors are timed and must shake their box rapidly until their turn is over.

The feathers are then counted and the person who takes the most feathers out of the box wins the prize. It’s a classic Thanksgiving game that will warm every gamer’s heart.

What other Thanksgiving games to choose to entertain a family?

In addition to serving delicious food, you can organize video game sessions, including Thanksgiving games. They can be adaptations of simple casual party games , without the need for crazy adventure games.

Don’t neglect simple activities, too, like a walk after lunch and spending time chatting around the dinner table with your friends and loved ones.