While games go through periods of extreme popularity and decline, none remain at the top forever. Games trending at any given time are just a reflection of a specific gaming era.

This is the charm of the most anticipated games , the latter representing what gamers want at any given time.

Taking a look at the trending video game showcases, we want to know what’s trending for this fall 2022. To paraphrase Heidi Klum, in video games, one day you’re in, and the next you’re you’re out. There’s only one way to find out, so let’s take the plunge.

Top 3 trending video games (by platform)


Trending games on Twitch are different from games offered on merchant sites. Since Twitch is for watching rather than playing, trending games can depend on big tournaments, current stars, and what’s new.

It’s the same with trending games on YouTube, especially cool games like Dota 2 and CS:GO.

1: Grand Theft Auto V

No surprise here, as the highest-grossing game of all time continues to reign supreme. Hilarity, chaos and fun with friends make GTA 5 one of the most played video games around.

2: Valorant

Merging CS:GO with Overwatch was a daring bet, and for Valorant, it continues to pay off. An excellent title for gamers and spectators, this title of FPS games wins the number 2 spot.

3: League of Legends

The most famous game in the world , LoL is the third trending game on Twitch. With the approach of the world championships which will take place at the end of the month, LoL fans are already preparing.

Google Play Store

1: Pokemon GO

Few downloadable games can match the enduring popularity of Pokémon GO. One of a kind, this 2021 trending gaming classic is hard to beat.

2: Slither.io

In second place is one of the mobile games that borrows from the classic legacy of Snake-like titles. Turns out, trending games 2022 may follow an idea that’s been popular for decades!

3: Clash Royale

One of the titles in the Clash series, Clash Royale ranks third. Building bases and invading others are valuable assets in the eyes of mobile gamers.

Apple’s App Store

1: Survivor.io

At the top of iOS games , here is Survivor.io. A horde-based strategy game and survival game , this title has players setting up their defenses, battling bosses, and leveling up.

2: Stumble Guys

The first Battle Royale game on this list of trending games, Stumble Guys asks players to brave an ever-changing obstacle course. With opponents looking to stop you at all costs, this perfect game for parties with friends promises hilarious challenges.

3: X-Hero: Idle Avengers

Unrelated to the Marvel property, Idle Avengers is one of those gacha games that takes place in a fantasy world. In this card game, the important thing is to form teams and collect resources.


1: Roblox

As a gaming platform entirely driven by player creativity, Roblox’s place in trending games is predictable. With so much to do and see, this one is a classic among PC games .

2: Fall Guys

The game that popularized the Battle Royale genre for nights out with friends, Fall Guys remains a strong contender in trending games. Crush your opponents and laugh out loud trying to go all the way.

3: Minecraft

A title that doesn’t really need an introduction, Minecraft is as much a game as it is an institution. The game is as popular as ever with gamers of all ages.

The trendy game of the moment

Like on Twitch, trending online games on PC or mobile may depend on tournaments, but it’s always new stuff that has the best chance of becoming the most popular games.

As of this writing, the Stray Cat Game has already lost popularity. Every time this happens, Minecraft is prone to take over until a new hit is released.

Sony PlayStation 5

1: The Last of US Part 1

The second remaster of Sony’s smash hit, TLOU Part 1 has just hit shelves. Topping the list of popular games , this zombie-based action-adventure game is more amazing than ever.

2: Fortnite

Still going strong and evolving, Epic’s Fortnite finds itself in second place. One of the trending games of 2022 especially popular with kids, Fortnite promises to stay on the charts for years to come.

3: Fall Guys

For its second appearance in this article, Fall Guys is a trending game on PlayStation as well as PC. It’s the same experience, so how can you not love it?

Microsoft Xbox Series

1: Fortnite

Like PlayStation, Fortnite scores well on Microsoft’s trending games list. With cross-play enabled, the two systems can even play together!

2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Xbox has always had a different diehard audience than Sony, and CoD is a great example of that. This 2021 trending games favorite is the sequel to the popular series, with the most cutting-edge graphics and fastest scoping around.

3: Apex Legends

F2P battle royale game Apex Legends completes the list of trending games on Xbox. Set in the Titanfall universe, this FPS has come out of nowhere to take the world by storm, and it’s fighting to stay there.


1: Splatoon 3

The recent Splatoon 3 tops Nintendo’s trending games list. This is one of the paint-based multiplayer shooting games . Merging kids, squids, and messes together was a weird idea, but it’s Nintendo, so they knew what they were doing.

2: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Second place goes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Along with the original Wii U title, Deluxe is surrounded by new DLC , which arguably helped it maintain its place in the sun.

3: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our latest entry for the day comes from the Smash Bros. series. With its huge cast, the ability to play online, and an army of gamers, this specimen of 2021’s trending games proves one thing: this series has a future.